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"Are we breaking up? / Is there trouble between you and I? / Did my heart break enough? Did it break enough this time..."

'Breakin' Up', Rilo Kiley

Each and every one of us can say, at least at some point in our gaming careers, that we have hyped a game for ourselves, to the point where it couldn't meet our expectations. Seeing footage for the first time, getting a feel for what the world or the gameplay could be like — it's tricky when you've yet to play the game for yourself. This happens every year, at some point, and each of us keep telling ourselves that we'll learn our lessons the next time or we simply won't invest until we know it's exactly what we want the game to be.

'I Shoulda Loved You' is the lump of coal in this year's holiday festivies. It showcases games the staff were super duper excited for. The ones that through footage or small impressions knew would be an instant favourite, only to turn around and feel sharp pangs of disappointment. Games that we should have fell completely, hopelessly in love with, and they couldn't live up to any or all of those expectations. Everyone's got a game they should have loved, and I encourage readers to share on our forums and through social media, games that couldn't live up to the inital hype.

Special Thanks: To Sarah McGarr for her lovely banner and to all the staff who helped in proofreading and participating in the feature.

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