Junpei and Chidori

Persona 3 has a lot of couples in it, most of them involving the protagonist, who as everybody knows is a total player. However, by far the best relationship in the game doesn't involve the protagonist at all, but his best friend Junpei and one of his worst enemies, Chidori of Strega.

The idea of star-crossed lovers is an extremely old one, but always powerful. However, even though there are some particularly powerful moments between the two during the game, it's the other times that stand out in my mind. The relationship between Junpei and Chidori perfectly encapsulates the typical teenage romance — and by typical, I don't mean typical for film, but typical for real life. It's awkward, confusing, and often a little bit cheesy. Neither of them really knows what they're doing or how to go about talking to one another.

One of the most unique aspects of this particular relationship is how it's portrayed during the course of the game. While there are a number of cutscenes of important moments between the pair, the vast majority of their relationship occurs offscreen. But that doesn't mean it's invisible. Players can get a glimpse into Junpei's love life by talking to him after school. He'll often be found in the dorm, worrying about something, and by giving him the right encouragement and advice, players can help nurture their relationship into something amazing. — Adriaan den Ouden

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