Hix and Tengaar

The Genso Suikoden series has tons of memorable pairings. Surely many of you were expecting Flik and Odessa or Ferid and Arshtat representing the series. However, for me personally, none of those pairings come close to the adorkableness that is Hix and Tengaar. Both hailing from the Warrior's Village, Tir McDohl meets Hix on his journey, only to learn that his bride-to-be has been kidnapped by the vampire, Neclord. Terrified out of his wits, Hix begs the assistance of the Liberation army leader, and the two set off to slay the menacing vampire. Hix is able to save the day, but gets a beating from his fiancé, who is convinced she had been waiting too long to be rescued. It's a shame that even after naming his sword after her, he gets a swat.

In Suikoden II, Hix and Tengaar appear again in the Kobald Village wherein Tengaar falls mysteriously "ill". Hix, being the loveable fool than he is, asks the help of Riou, leader of the Jowston Army, to help him cure his bride. Funny enough, however, Hix is asked to find random items, but does not see the ruse before him (unlike Riou, who questions how stupid Hix truly is). Having acquired the necessary items to cure Tengaar's illness, Hix soon learns that his wife was not ill, but rather wanted him to prove himself a true man. Going into the Kobald Forest, Sigfried the Unicorn threatens to take Tengaar away from him if he does not prove his valor. Mustering his strength, Hix defends his ladyfriend's honor, finally proving himself the way Tengaar always wanted him too.

What I adore about Hix and Tengaar is how humour and crazy their relationship is. Clueless Hix is never able to impress the love of his life long enough, taking abuse from all angles. Despite her tendency to berate him, the firey chief's daughter Tengaar truly loves Hix even if he's a bit slow on the uptake. In the Suikoden universe the pair always have a sense of humor about every task they take on, and show that love can blossom even between a mismatched pair such as this. — Sam Marchello

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