Hiro and Lucia

Lunar 2 begins with the adventurous Hiro going into a ruin and meeting a mysterious and beautiful girl named Lucia, who has come from the Blue Star that can be seen in the skies above Hiro's world. She is the sole inhabitant and protector of that celestial body and has come to the world of Lunar on an important mission. Naturally, this also means that she doesn't know anythng about normal human social expectations and tends to do things like walking in on Hiro while he is bathing. As is typical for the series, the interaction between Hiro and Lucia is very lighthearted and funny, and is memorable as much for the comedy value it drives as its more serious moments.

Still, even with all of the comedy there are some nice dramatic turns in the story. Lucia's frequent faux pas are just a symptom of her somewhat cold personality and laser-focus on accomplishing her mission of stopping the evil Zophar. For a large part of the game, she won't even help her allies at all in battle. Yet, as the game continues, Hiro and his friends get her to open up, and she slowly begins to care deeply for others and fight to help and protect them. Similarly, his desire to help Lucia on her mission pushes Hiro to rise to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

However, it is only after evil is vanquished and the credits roll that the love story of Hiro and Lucia takes its most dramatic turn. Because of her duties, Lucia must return to the Blue Star, leaving Hiro and his companions behind. However, Hiro is not the type to be happy with a bittersweet ending, and so he immediately heads off on a completely new adventure in order to find a way to be reunited with the girl he cares about. The world is at peace, but Hiro's desire to see Lucia again is enough motivation to carry the player through a fairly extensive post-game with an additional half-dozen dungeons. The effort the player must suffer through to see the true ending makes their reunion all the more sweet. — Nathan Schlothan

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