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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Title: Yuffie: Advent Children
Submitter(s): Ace
Characters: Yuffie
Medium: digital
Fan Art  
Download: [800x1111 (434.64k)]
Comment: There seems to be a lot of advent children fanart lately, but none of here she is :3
Title: Yazoo Lounging Around
Submitter(s): Barananduen
Characters: Yazoo
Medium: ink
Download: [598x464 (23.92k)]
Comment: None
Title: Yazoo
Submitter(s): Barananduen
Characters: Sephiroth
Medium: Colored Pencil
Download: [492x491 (217.32k)]
Comment: No comments.
Title: Outburst of Rage
Submitter(s): Cloudyfan
Characters: Cloud Strife, Sephiroth
Medium: Pencil, Trace Paper, Scanner, Photoshop, Paintshop
Fan Art Featured Submission - 20 January 2007
Download: [923x506 (468.35k)]
Comment: I don't know what he could have said or have done to him, but Sephiroth has still succeeded in rousing in his adversary this destructive energy that nothing not even him can contain...
Title: Cloud & Tifa
Submitter(s): Elizabeth A. Timmer
Characters: Cloud, Tifa
Medium: Digital
Fan Art  
Download: [1280x1024 (447.57k)]
Comment: This is just a drawing I did of Cloud and Tifa in alternate clothing before Advent Children came out.
Title: Final Fantasy Tribute
Submitter(s): Marc Garrison
Characters: Cloud's Badge in Advent Children
Medium: Tattoo on skin, with tribal tattoo connecting to c
Fan Art  
Download: [600x450 (21.03k)]
Comment: This was a tattoo I got some time ago, my design except for the character, in tribute to all of the Final Fantasy games/RPGS that I have loved so much over the years.
Title: Stinking Advent Children Tifa
Submitter(s): Mooncalfe
Characters: Tifa
Medium: Traditional
Fan Art  
Download: [713x950 (334.53k)]
Comment: /
Title: Clouds First Tsurugi
Submitter(s): RadiantOmega
Characters: Cloud's Sword
Medium: Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [1024x768 (383.8k)]
Comment: Clouds First Tsurugi from the film Advent Children on a simple constellation background
Title: A portrait of Cloud
Submitter(s): Sean "Zel" Lozier (Studio ZEL)
Characters: Cloud
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [648x864 (207.27k)]
Comment: I really like how this drawing came out, especially since I did in just under 4 hours. ^^;; I hope to do more fanart in the future for Advent Children once I get going on my Sakura Taisen V fanart piece... ^_^v
Title: Portrait of Cloud Strife
Submitter(s): Sean "Zel" Lozier (Studio ZEL)
Characters: Cloud
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [665x864 (182.63k)]
Comment: Yeah I know, I sent you the sketch and I apologize for sending you another version, but I didn't plan to color it at first... :-(
Title: Loveless Angel
Submitter(s): shroudie
Characters: Tifa
Medium: Acrylic
Fan Art  
Download: [1541x1030 (169.98k)]
Comment: My final project for my 2-D Design class. A piece that focuses on "movement" and expands on that with loose brushstrokes and static edges. I focused a lot of detail into the values of her skin, and tried to get the highlights of the rest of her body very loosely.


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