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Dark Cloud 2
Title: Traveling to the Past
Submitter(s): Angel Thesis
Characters: Monica
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [549x744 (57.69k)]
Comment: No Comment
  Title: Pau
Submitter(s): Jerry Gallen
Characters: Pau
Medium: pen, colored pencil, pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [Download (99.55k)]
Comment: Found an unusual absence of art, even official, of Pau from Dark Cloud 2, on the Internet, so I came up with this fan art.
Title: Mt. Gundor Calls
Submitter(s): Kenton Alkemi
Characters: Max, Monica
Medium: Digital
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Quarter-Finalist
Download: [1648x1275 (303.72k)]
Comment: There weren't any places to stop on the way to Mt. Gundor, and he thought he was alone. Boy was he wrong...


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