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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Title: Carnival of Time, One Year Later
Submitter(s): David Mitchell
Characters: Ensemble
Medium: Ink and CG
Fan Art  
Download: [1000x739 (193.03k)]
Comment: The contest guidelines said to be creative, so I chose my favourite in-game holiday - the Carnival of Time. All the way through the game I was looking forward to seeing the carnival actually take place, and it didn't exactly, so here's what I think happened a year later. See if you can recognize all the masks and characters!
Title: The Fiercest Deity
Submitter(s): Lackshmana
Characters: Fierce Deity (Oni) Link and Ganondorf
Medium: Digital Drawing
Fan Art  
Download: [750x1000 (606.91k)]
Comment: Fierce Diety Link versus Ganondorf. On top of a volcano. Gaming fan art is made of such things.
Title: Invasion
Submitter(s): Red
Characters: Malon, Link
Medium: Prisma Color Markers
Fan Art  
Download: [785x737 (243.27k)]
Comment: This one's pretty old. Link tries to protect Romani and her cows as the barn is suddenly surrounded by alien beings. Not much else to say... Except I'm bad at drawing kids... XD
Title: Oni-Link
Submitter(s): Tana
Characters: Link
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [459x600 (54.28k)]
Comment: No Comment


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