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Odin Sphere
Title: Red Dragon
Submitter(s): Aurian
Characters: Wagner
Medium: Watercolor, Chalk, Ink
Fan Art  
Download: [600x450 (33.1k)]
Comment: A friend commissioned me to create a red dragon based on [a drawing I had done before], so Wagner got his colours back, but gained extra legs to transform from wyvern to dragon. Unfortunately, the scan is a tad warped - the original buildings ARE straight!
  Title: Belial
Submitter(s): Aurian
Characters: Belial
Medium: Watercolor, Charcoal, Chalk
Fan Art  
Download: [Download (3071.63k)]
Comment: "I loved this dragon from the game, and always felt sorry about his fate."
Title: Belderiver's Master
Submitter(s): Lucas Cersaine
Characters: Oswald
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [967x647 (239.79k)]
Comment: The Shadowknight and master of the black sword Belderiver, Oswald. Again, I regret that line down his shoulder, but with my current scanning situation, that's the best I can get.
Title: Cornelius Of Titania
Submitter(s): Lucas Cersaine
Characters: Cornelius
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [534x821 (184.91k)]
Comment: The Pooka Prince of Titania, Cornelius, in all his rabbity glory. My only regret is the line created from the way I had to scan the image.
Title: The Only Thing Worthy To Give
Submitter(s): Lucas Cersaine
Characters: Oswald, Gwendolyn
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [605x699 (258.88k)]
Comment: This picture reflects the scene when Oswald first presented Gwendolyn with the ring Titrel. I've always loved that scene.
  Title: Princess Gwendolyn
Submitter(s): Noreen Rana
Characters: Gwendolyn
Medium: Photoshop CS
Fan Art Featured Submission
Download: [Download (151.17k)]
Comment: "I want my own tutu-armor-dress!!"


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