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Consumers are expected to rush stores upon release.

This just in, DC Universe Online is a captivating title for comic book fans. DC hero fans will be unable to help but get excited to team up with the Dark Knight himself or assist the Caped Crusader with foes too big for even the Man of Steel.

RPGamer is pleased to report that SOE was showing off its upcoming superhero action MMO on the floor at this year's E3 Expo with a demo more addictive than Lex Luthor's latest attempt to sucker consumers in with drug laced potato chips. The demo impressed with slick and fancy graphics more awe inspiring than a Green Lantern light show. But there's not much time to marvel over seeing everyone's favorite member of the Justice League in action, because the combat system immediately engaged players with its simplicity and fun. While it had standard MMO skills and items triggered off the number keys or buttons (depending on if was running on the PC or PS3), it didn't overwhelm potential recruits who were more interested in getting out there to start making a name for themselves as Metropolis's latest defense against the darker sides of humanity...or worse.

The Joker has expressed interest in developing addons, but so far has been denied.

Teen Titan aspirants will no doubt have endless fun spamming super attacks such as the the demo's selection of earth powers that made tossing rocks and encasing enemies in crystal as common as a Lois Lane special report. But the new game also has a physics system that turns every object, enemy, henchman, and alien mutant into a potentially powerful projectile that could be hurled at other evil doers. DC Universe Online's action game inspired combat will surely take over the playtime of the nation's youths and provide them with a more fulfilling and engaging experience while playing than other lesser MMOs. Readers might recall The Calculator's recently released Grind Time, an MMORPG where players were unwittingly sucked into a drunken stupor in order to fund a black market economy based on gold selling, which may have expanded and destabilized the world's economy if not for a steady shot from the Green Arrow successfully severing the game's major internet uplink in southeastern Asian seas.

Of course where one finds champions of truth and justice, one also soon finds the dark underbelly of society. DC Universe Online is no exception. While these digital representations pose no grave danger to society in real life, and are even necessary in order to provide a balanced game world, socially conscious readers may voice concerns over acknowledging and giving these dredges of society any lasting infamy. DC Universe Online, however, chooses to model the true reality of the never-ending battle of dark and light. Heroes may seek out and stop the villainous players who feel it necessary to further the dastardly deeds of their digital denizens. While the game had the standard methods of flagging PvP and fighting in the world or in PvP focused arenas, the game also has true to life modeling of many of the headlines reported day to day. One example is where players can team up with other heroic greats like Wonder Woman as they try to stop The Joker and Harley Quinn's latest bank heist attempt. But they'll have to be on the look out, for these heinous creatures have recruited player villains to come help, and the ensuing battle may threaten the very safety of the entire city.

While the game was shown for the first time on PS3, it looks as though there is some work to be done, as its graphics were noticeably less polished and of a lower resolution than those of the PC version, Also, those looking to follow in the footsteps of The Martian Manhunter or Doomsday may wish to know whether they'll be able to clobber friends on the PS3 while they play on their PC. While it was stated that there's no technical reason to prevent cross-platform play, it looks as if the big wigs in the boardrooms will have to settle the details first before a commitment can be made. Perhaps outside investors like Bruce Wayne could step in to help make sure this feature is included. As an extra exclusive obtained by RPGamer, Booster Gold has informed us that DC Universe Online will have a simultaneous release on all the Infinite Earths, but was unwilling to commit to an exact date.

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