The Legend of Zelda Impression

One of the most anticipated titles of E3 was the public unveiling of The Legend of Zelda for Gamecube, and with good reason. Zelda titles are always top notch quality, and this title is poised to raise the standard. Little is known about the story, but the gameplay is pure Zelda.

The demo had players taking Link into a very typical Zelda dungeon. The gameplay feels almost exactly like the Nintendo 64 counterparts, with a few exceptions. The targeting system is now controlled by the R-trigger, and must be held down. There is a defend button as well. The camera seemed a bit anxious to rotate during battle, which sometimes led to Link jumping in a direction not intended, but this was not a problem overall.

The real winner is the graphics. Yes, the cel-shaded world is phenomenal. The video game world has been so anxious to create a realistic world that it is hard to believe no one thought about making a 3D cartoon world with these kinds of effects. Cartoonish smoke rises from broken items and defeated enemies. The reactions of Link and enemies are also quite humorous. If you saw the video last year, you have a good idea what to expect, even in actual gameplay. When this title comes out next year (#$*%&) you will NOT want to miss it. This is a system seller.

by Doug Hill    
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