The Saving Throw
Farewell and Thanks for the Kobolds December 31st, 2009
the last column for the current editor

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Roll Them Bones!

This is it. My last Saving Throw column. It has been a fun run, but "all good things must come to an end," or so they say. Whoever they are. But I intend to go out with a bang, with a large number of reviews for your reading pleasure. Mikel Tidwell will be taking over the Saving Throw column, so keep your suggestions and ideas coming.

The hot release to start off the next year is the Dragon Age Pen and Paper RPG developed by Green Ronin Publishing. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this title. Yes, I know I said all that in the last column. Hopefully it will actually be out soon. It has been awaiting final approval for a bit now. Another potentially hot item is the Heroscape: Master Set 3 - Battle for the Underdark. This mix of Heroscape and Dungeons & Dragons is set to recharge the Heroscape line, but only time will tell if it succeeds. Heroscape: Master Set 3 is set to release on Monday, January 4th.

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This Week's Features

Player's Handbook 2 December 31st, 2009
Need some more classes? Races? Options? Look no further.

Monster Manual 2 December 31st, 2009
Need some more monsters? Look no further.

Eberron Player's Guide December 31st, 2009
Return to Eberron.

Dragonlance Campaign Setting December 31st, 2009
Journey back to a fan favorite.

Star Wars: Saga Edition December 31st, 2009
Journey to a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy December 31st, 2009
You will be come a Jedi, or die trying.

Pirate's Guide to Freeport December 31st, 2009
Arrr matey, it's a pirate's life for me.

The Slayers d20 Role-Playing Game December 31st, 2009
Up for a little over the top, anime-based d20 action?


And lo, my time as your editor here has come to an end. It has been fun, but its time for me to move on. I will still be around playing games on the forums, but I have faith that Mikel will do a much better job with the column than I ever did. I had some grand plans, but just never had the time to act on those. Farewell and Happy New Year.

Martin "My d20 is your d20" Drury

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