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Natural 1s October 10, 2008
Just Call me Sin!

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Roll Them Bones!

I had this column essentially all ready to go on September 19th. And then I started rolling Sin's favorite number. I rolled a 1 on my Will save against the temptation of going to Indianapolis with my wife. I rolled a 1 on my house's Reflex save to avoid being damaged by Hurricane Ike (and I live 12 hours from the coast!). I rolled a 1 on the power grid's Reflex save to avoid being demolished by the same said hurricane, resulting in the power being out for three days. I then rolled multiple 1's on Fortitude saves to avoid being overcome by allergens, sinus infections, head colds, stomach flus and who knows what all. And just when I thought I had all that behind me, both my computers decided roll 1's on their saves against bizarre glitches. But I finally started rolling well this week, and so the Saving Throw is back!

This time around we have a review of another chapter from the the second Pathfinder adventure path and two reviews of Wizards of the Coast products, one closing out the 3.5 Edition Era and one starting the 4th Edition era. After that, do not forget to read the news about pre-orders for an all new miniatures game. And if you roll a 1 on your reading skill check, I am allowing infinite re-rolls, today only!

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This Week's Features

Escape from Old Korsova October 10th, 2008
Kurt Russell Action Figure Not Included.

Anauroch: The Empire of Shade October 10th, 2008
Burning Sands! Dead Magic Zones! Ancient Evil!

Keep on the Shadowfell October 10th, 2008
Brave the Darkness.

Tabletop Gaming News

Pre-Order World of Warcraft Miniatures

   Upper Deck announced this week that they are now taking pre-orders for the new World of Warcraft Miniatures game. Three different products are currently available for pre-order: the Core Set for $24.99, the Core Set Deluxe Edition for $39.99, and Core Set Booster packs for $14.99 each.

Each Starter includes miniature figures of two Alliance characters and two Horde characters, dice, a rule book, a game map, four character cards (one per figure) and eight ability cards (two per figure). The Deluxe Edition includes two sets of three figures from the Alliance, Horde, or Monster factions, six custom dice, one rule book and scenario guide, one customizable Terrain/Token Sheet, a deluxe game board, six character cards (one per figure) and twelve ability cards (two per figure). As an added bonus, each Deluxe Edition box will contain a sample of the popular loot cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Each Booster set contains three miniature figures (from the Horde, Alliance, or Monster factions), three character cards (one per figure) and six ability cards (two per figure) and randomly inserted samples of the popular Loot cards.

The World of Warcraft Miniatures game ships on November 11th. To pre-order directly from Upper Deck, visit The Upper Deck Store.



And thus ends another chapter in the life of the Saving Throw. Next time we will have a couple more reviews from the second Pathfinder adventure path. I am also currently working on a review of an older, non-d20 based game as well. Hopefully I will have it finished in time for the next update.

Martin "Rolling 1's, one check at a time" Drury

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