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Taking a Fall with the Dragons July 31st, 2009
perhaps explaining where the heat went

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Roll Them Bones!

Gen Con Indy is in just two weeks and to celebrate here in Indiana we are having the traditional heat wave cool down. Wait, cool down? Yeah, we have finished up July with a first ever no 90s on the thermometer since records have been kept: 134 years. What does this have to do with Gen Con? Well, normally, in mid August, visitors to Indianapolis have had to make saving throws against extreme heat. The long range forecasts are indicating that Gen Con weekend might continue this cool trend of upper 70s low 80s. Very unusual. Perhaps it's in honor of the upcoming release of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Between now and August 12th, Saving Throw is giving you a chance to win an autographed copy of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. In order to win, you simply have to answer a short Pathfinder Trivia Quiz. If you kept up with Pathfinder's development, this trivia quiz should be rather simple. Answers to all the trivia questions can be found on Paizo Publishing's website.

Gaming Tip of the Column -- Following up with last week's body slots for +1 bonuses, the low level spell resistance's +1 bonus might not sound like much, but that +1 might be all it takes to save you from a nasty trap or spell effect.

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Guardians of Dragonfall July 31st, 2009
Adventure to the dragons' final resting place.


A few weeks ago, the guys (and gals?) at Gaming Paper unveiled their new product, a roll of paper with one inch squares. I just got two rolls of it and I am looking forward to using it to map out some upcoming encounters in the home game I play with my son. It comes on a 30 inch by 12 foot roll, and looks a bit like wrapping paper. It is supposed to be reusable and sturdy, but we will find out.

Martin "Putting the Paper in Pen-n-Paper" Drury

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