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Popcorn on a Sidewalk June 26th, 2009
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Roll Them Bones!

Summer has arrived with a vengenance, turning southern Indiana into a humid wasteland, like the Everglades, or perhaps like the Trollhaunt. Speaking of the Trollhaunt, our reviews this week feature a dive into the warrens in the wasteland, where the two greatest threats are the trolls and the environment. Our other review covers the Martial Power source book for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.

There was not a winner in our Punish the Slacker Host contest. We are still going to give away the copy of Sceptre Tower of Spellgard. In order to enter, simply send an email to your host with an answer to the following question: Name one other product written by either of the authors of Sceptre Tower of Spellgard, David Noonan and Greg A. Vaughn. It should not be too hard to get an answer to that question, so I expect some entries this time, slackers! Entries are due by July 10th.

It is only seven weeks until the release of Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder RPG written by Jason Bulmahn. Last year we interviewed Jason regarding the Alpha and Beta releases of the Pathfinder RPG. This summer you have a chance to ask Jason questions about the final release version. Submit your questions to Saving Throw Interviews by July 10th for the questions to be submitted to Mr. Bulmahn.

Staying on the interview trail, if you are interested in what Monte Cook is up to these days since his "retirement" send an email to Saving Throw Interviews with your questions. Again, the deadline for submissions is July 10th.

Gaming Tip of the Column -- Luck can often be a player's greatest weapon, or greatest hinderance. Having a good plan of attack will help to nullify bad luck, and good luck will make the plan look brilliant.

Looking for a place to play? Check out the Roleplaying Forum. We are always looking for new players and Game Masters or people who just want to talk about their favorite pen and paper or tabletop games!

This Week's Features

Martial Power June 26th, 2009
Who couldn't use a bit more power?

King of the Trollhaunt Warrens June 26th, 2009
Long Live the King!


A bit skimpy this time. As always, feel free to submit your own reviews, gaming content or suggestions for coverage.

Martin "78% Charge Remaining" Drury

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