The Saving Throw
Save vs Kung Fu June 8th, 2010
It was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.

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Real men fight with dice!

Pull up a chair, Stranger.

My weekly Pathfinder game has been placed on hiatus for nearly a month, this has lead me to the usual activities of a gamer without a game: trawling internet forums, reading rulebooks for games I might never play, thinking to hard about both of those things, and videogames. So, if you up for a little Duels of the Planeswalkers my xbox live handle is FowlSorcerous. As for the activities I mentioned, check out this article's features, in which I examine the relationship between JRPG characters and attitudes toward character optimization, as well as an impression of a new game I bought.

Impressions are a new format I'm trying out; giving a review of a game based on reading the book cover-to-cover, attempting to create a few characters for the system, and giving a review of the game based on that. It's less thorough than reviewing a heavily play-tested game, but it allows me to make reccomendations based on my initial thoughts and talk about new games more often than my current gaming schedule allows. Let me know your thoughts on the boards.

For a place to game, check our Roleplaying Forum, with lively forum-based gaming and discussion as well as the opportunity to meet up with gamers in your area.


JRPG Characters vs the Stormwind Fallacy

Impression: Qin: the Warring States

News Briefs

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has reported that Digital River, which handles payment processing for Dungeons & Dragons Insider, has been hacked. This possibly reveals the personal identification of 200,000 customers, so if you're a subscriber you might want to, y'know, check that.

ICv2 has released the top 5 best selling RPG lines for the first quarter of 2010. D&D being on top is to be expected, but I'm glad to see Pathfinder in number 2 slot, WOTC screwed Paizo over Dungeon and Dragon magazines and it's nice to see them come back so strong.

Speaking of of Paizo, they've renamed a few of their game lines to reflect the success of the RPG; Pathfinder Chronicles is now Pathfinder Campaign, Pathfinder Companion is now Pathfinder Player Companion, and the upcoming Pathfinder fiction series is now officially named Pathfinder Tales. Read it all here.

As a preview for the Monster Manual 3, those spooky wizards who live by the coast have thrown a teaser here of some of the upcoming monsters. Can you name that aberration?

Last time I posted that Mutants & Masterminds had the DC Comics license. Now they've announced that the DC Adentures books will be kicking off a new third edition of the game. Let the edition wars commence!

Catalysts Game Labs, makers of Battletech and Shadowrun, are not bankrupt (link) and have announced that they've signed with a news sales agent (also link). This is a good thing, because without Shadowrun I will have no game to hate irrationally and without Battletech there will be no big stompy robot-based war games until Iron Tyrants is released.

Stargazer's World blog interviewed Shane Hensley and Matt Cutter of Pinnacle Entertainment, mostly about the origins of Savage Worlds and some talk about Space: 1889, an upcoming slice of alternate history retro-futurist coolness, and news some out of print settings getting the explorer's edition treatment. Read it all here.


I'll leave you with a gaming truism of my own, and in the spirit of Mr Stormwind's fallacy I'll name it after myself:

The Fowl Sorcerous' corollary: The simple fact that you've deliberately created an incompetent character does not necessarily mean the character is well written.

Until next time: peace, love, and more gaming than I'm getting right now.

Scott Wachter, proprietor of the Magenta Sperm Whale Inn.

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