The Saving Throw
Save vs TPK May 22nd, 2010
Whatever's on the table plays

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Welcome back, travellers.

It's been an eventful fortnight for me: I took in a nerdy rock opera with the ladyfriend, and on Free Comic Book Day I picked up a copy of Qin, a game set in a fantastic version of the Warring-States period in China with game mechanics based on wu xia movies. Readers can look forward to my impression on that one soon.

On the gaming side of life, my GM came up with an inventive means of saving us from a total party kill: resurrecting us with alignment changes and in service to a rival of our nemesis, the Big Bad of the campaign. Some of you out there might call this GM mind control or railroading, I, however, call it creative and excellent improvisation in the face of abandoning a campaign only a few sessions from an epic conclusion. Also, it means we can kick puppies and subjugate people who once hailed us as heroes, which I kind of get a kick out of after a months-long traditional D&D campaign. That probably says a lot about me that I probably should let people know ... Hey look! News!

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No features this week, but I promise a double dose next time.

News Briefs
Frank Frazetta, noted pulp fantasy illustrator, died May 10th. This man's art has ignited the imaginations of tabletop gamers for decades. He will be missed. I plan to roll up a Barbarian in his honour. View his obituary here.

Green Ronin, publishers of D20 Supers game Mutants & Masterminds has acquired the rights to DC Comics universe and characters. The first of a four book line featuring the license will launch in August, using a modified version of the Mutants & Masterminds rules. I would like to take this moment to declare every Batman knock-off rolled up using M&M is even less creative than before. View the details here.

In anticipation of the 4th edition of Legend of the Five Rings, an RPG set in feudal Japan in the same way D&D is set in medieval Europe, has posted a design diary discussing the Shugenja schools of each of the setting's major clans. I really dig the shift in focus for the Crane Clan and the designer's comments about keeping mechanics and flavour in sync. Read the the entry here.

Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions popped in on episode of Fear the Boot to talk about being a fan-turned-pro game designer, and the upcoming Dresden Files RPG. Also, more game design stories need to feature drunken partial nudity. Click for the episode.


There's been a great deal of licensing news in the past month, so if anyone in the biz is reading I'd be very interested in a Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar RPG. It wouldn't be too hard, a simple stat+skill system and a very extensive random delusion table. Until next time I leave you with a few questions to ponder: Have you suffered a TPK? Have you been saved from a TPK? Lastly, is there a property you want to see licensed?

Scott Wachter, proprietor of the Grey Mare Inn.

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