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Foray Feb. 28, 2007
I love what you've done with your crypt.

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And so it begins. . .

Well, everyone, it's my first time running things here at the Saving Throw, so let's see how everything - oh dear - I think I heard something snap. I'll be right back!

Okay, erm, I don't think that was anything important, so on with the show! I've even written up a column for your enjoyment. So, enjoy!

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Murphy's Law applies double to gaming, because the GM knows what you're not prepared for!"
- Bartleby

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Cardstock Modeling
WorldWorks Games
Feb. 27, $20.00
d20 System
Aegis Studios
Feb. 25, $1.99
d20 System
Aegis Studios
Feb. 25, $20.00
d20 System
White Wolf Publishing
Feb. 22, $60.00
d20 System
Green Ronin Publishing
Feb. 26, $12.00
d20 System
Green Ronin Publishing
Feb. 26, $6.50

Tabletop Gaming News

 Score Ends Epic Battles
Source: Gaming Report

Score Entertainment announced this week that they will no longer be releasing new sets for their Epic Battles TCG. Score says, "It is in the company's best interest to focus its efforts towards future properties and the games in which consumers and retailers have offered enthusiastic interest and support."

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 Paizo Announces Spamalot Giveaway
Source: Paizo Publishing

Paizo Publishing has announced a giveaway of lots of Monty Python swag, including DVDs, CDs, T-shirts and more, to readers of its magazines Dragon and Dungeon and visitors to its website. Readers who find all twelve "grails" hidden in those three places (the two magazines and the website) can enter to win those "fabulous" prizes.

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And so it ends. . .

So long, everyone. I've had a lot of fun bringing you your Saving Throw, and I hope we'll continue to venture together into this wide, weird world of gaming. May your longsword +1's never dull!

Shawn "Wise Sensei" Bruckner

Dan "Struggling Apprentice" Nyikos

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