The Saving Throw
Divine Warning Jan. 24, 2007
There are times it just isn't wise to push.

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And so it begins. . .

Well, it was an interesting week for the Hall of Fame contest. Here, I'll just say that the contest is still going on. If you want the full report of the carnage, you'll have to look the contest page itself. Other than that, it's a fairly light week here at the Saving Throw. It looks like January is a slow month for the tabletop gaming industry. Of course, January is already almost over, but there's one more Saving Throw to see before it ends. Until then, here's the second-to-last Saving Throw of January...

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Looking into a forbidden place, even with a magical device, isn't the best of ideas."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

Looking in the Wrong Place by   Nwash New this week
Hey, we all know visiting a place forbidden by the gods is dangerous, but then, one probably should avoid looking in such places.

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Product Releases

 Released This Week
d20 Fantasy
Goodman Games
Jan. 17, 2007, $11.99
d20 Modern
RPG Objects
Jan. 21, 2007, $2.95
d20 Modern
RPG Objects
Jan. 21, 2007, $2.25
Big Eyes, Small Mouth Third Edition
Arthaus Games
Jan. 24, 2007, $39.99
no image available
Vampire: The Requiem
White Wolf Publishing
Jan. 24, 2007, $26.99

And so it ends. . .

Another one bites the dust. Come back next week, where yet another one will... bite the dust. Yeah...

Shawn "Um, yeah..." Bruckner

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