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Blame it on the Wii January 4, 2008
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Roll them bones!

Happy new year! As always I like to get the new year off to a good start, so I was planning on posting a bunch of reviews with this update. Unfortunately, I kind of got sidetracked by the Nintendo Wii I got for Christmas. So far, I am being hammered in bowling, pelted in tennis, slaughtered at golf and squeaking by in baseball. But I am enjoying it, so I guess it is okay.

This week we have one review for your post-Holiday reading pleasure. Pathfinder Volume 1: Rise of the Runelords - Chapter 2 - The Skinsaw Murders takes the Rise of the Runelords campaign on a murder mystery adventure.

Of course, now that I have spent my break playing Wii Sports, I find that I have a large stack of products that need reviewed. Everyone must have spent their breaks playing Wii Sports, actually, since I have received absolutely zero top products of 2007 lists. So, I am going to extend the deadline 2 weeks until January 14th for your entries.

Some of you may remember when RPGamer's message boards hosted various Play-by-Post games. I am pleased to announce that those will be returning soon. Keep an eye on our Roleplaying Forum for future announcements.

This Week's Feature

Rise of the Runelords - Chapter 2: The Skinsaw Murders January 4th, 2008
Do you know the Skinsaw Man?


And just like that the first Saving Throw column of 2008 is completed. A short little column it is true, but you know what the say "sometimes size does not matter."

Again, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or other things you think might improve the column, just click on the email link below and send me an email.

Martin "Old Man Winter" Drury

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