The Saving Throw
High Anvil Jan. 3, 2007
By high anvil, I don't mean an anvil on a tall pedestal.

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And so it begins. . .

One year passes, and another begins. All too quickly, if you ask me, but here it is. This is the first Saving Throw of 2007. It's not the first saving throw of 2007, of course, being as some friends and I rolled a number of those this last weekend, but it's the first Saving Throw column. I kick in another contest entry with a story from this weekend's gaming session. Other than that, this is a short column; with the holidays, things are slow in the tabletop gaming world.

And so, let's get on with it...

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Be careful about relaxing after battles; there's always another battle."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

After the High Anvil by   Nwash New this week
Sometimes, when a battle goes really, really well, it's just a sign that things are about to go horribly, horribly wrong.

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d20 Modern
Louis Porter, Jr. Design
Dec. 27, 2006, $1.99
d20 System
Goodman Games
Dec. 30, 2006, $12.99
d20 Modern
Louis Porter, Jr. Design
Dec. 30, 2006, $1.99
Ars Magica, Fifth Edition
Atlas Games
January 2, 2007, $29.95

Tabletop Gaming News

 Three Magic Fans Get Their Dream Job

On December 27th, the Great Designer Search for Magic: The Gathering, an online elimination-style competition for a paid internship at the game's developer and publisher, Wizards of the Coast, came to an end. Alexis Janson won the competition, earning a six-month Research and Development internship at the company's Renton, Washington headquarters. In a surprise twist, the other two finalists, Graeme Hopkins and Kenneth Nagle, were also awarded paid internships. "All three made an absolutely amazing performance, so we did some scrambling around R&D in order to keep all three of them as interns; they each have a lot to offer the company," said the company's Randy Buehler.

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And so it ends. . .

I'll return next week for yet another Saving Throw. See you then.

Shawn "Found the high anvil" Bruckner

David E. "Hit by the high anvil" Taylor

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