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You too Could be a Published Gamer

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

I know we have a few Pathfinder Game Masters on the boards, but are you bad enough dudes to be RPG Superstars? For the fourth year in a row Paizo is running its RPG Superstar contest, in which regular nerds compete for the chance to have one of their adventures published. This year's roster of judges features Pathfider alums Niel Spicer, Mark Moreland, Dave Gross, Jason Bulmahn, Jared Blando, Robert Lazzaretti and James Jacobs, former Superstar finalists Matt Goodall and Alexander MacLeod, and third edition D&D guru Sean K Reynolds. Competitors will have until the 31st of December to submit a wondrous item for the critique of this esteemed panel. The best thrity-two will then create an archetype, the best sixteen of them will create a villain, the top eight will continue forward designing a location with a map, and the best 4 will submit a full adventure proposal. The winner will then be announced on March 22nd of next year. If any of you guys win there's only a fifty-fifty chance I will read it, but you know that the last Saving Throw Guy certainly will.


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