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June's Slew of New Product Announcements

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

So apparently E3 week isn't only for videogame release announcements anymore, and just when I thought I could take it easy until Gen-Con. Anyhow we have some news.

Catalyst Game Labs has come forward to say that they will be publishing Matt Heerdt's new RPG, Cosmic Patrol - a pulp style retro-futurist space adventure game wherein players take on the role of patrolmen facing the frontier of space and its many strange dangers. Think Texas Rangers by way of Buck Rogers and promising all kinds of raygun and rocket sled related fun. Check the main website or their facebook page for further updates.

Adamant Entertainment Group is working on a new game with a far eastern feel but a big dose of the old west. The game is called Far West, and blends Spaghetti Western and Wuxia ala Sukiyaki Western Django or The Warrior's Way. So far Adamant has been keeping details close to their collective chests so keep an eye on the game's blog for further developments. As an editorial aside, I am a sucker for genre mash-ups like this, so look forward to me fanboying the heck out of the setting in an upcoming review.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced three new supplements for Warhammer Fantasy and 40K. First up is a boxed set for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay called Black Fire Pass and will have all kinds of dwarfy goodness with detailed setting information on the lands of the dwarfs and fun options of players of dwarf characters. The box will contain two books and retail for $39.95. Next on the block is the Black Crusade Game Mastering Kit, which include a 32-page adventure and a nice cardboard screen full of handy charts and tables. It will retail for $19.95. And thirdly we have The Archilus Assault for Deathwatch. The book features new NPCs, adversaries and adventure seeds and will retail for $39.95. All three are available for preorder on the FFG shop but release dates are still unclear.

Pathfinder has two new books for all you OGL-loving types to anticipate. First off is the Bestiary 3 with more beasties including some classic mythological creatures and some new creation, as well as rules for customizing and advancing monsters beyond their existing stats. All this will be wrapped up in a 320-page hardcover for $39.99, due out this November. Next is the Advanced Race Guide which will expand the fluff surrounding existing races, as well as add more crunchy options. It will also spotlight all "PC Appropriate" races from previous bestiaries and setting guides like goblins, merfolk and the ever popular drow (scimitars not included). The Guide also gives you a race creation toolset for modifying existing races or creating new ones. This section of the book will be Paizo's next open playtest initiative. The final version will release late fall 2011 in a 256-page hardback for $39.99. Speaking of fall releases, Paizo is also showing off its new pre-painted plastic minis line due out in October at its online store. Now, last time I wrote about Paizo I joked about how their business model was 'if it's good enough for WOTC to abandon; it's good enough for us to carry on,' but this is getting a touch prophetic at this point. What's next from these guys? An under-supported modern line?

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