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Save vs. Bits and Pieces

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Big week for small bits of news in Tabletop land, allow me to summarize:

First off, Fantasy Flight is showing off some of the new material from Daemon Hunters for the Dark Heresy Roleplaying game. Take a look at that over on their website.

Paizo's Blog has started previewing the upcoming Ultimate Magic sourcebook for Pathfinder, which promises to have all sorts of shiny, magicy goodness starting with a look at a few class abilities of the new Magus class in this post. More previews to come every Tuesday until release, but for those that participated in the open playtest of this book's content this is your first chance to see the final versions of the tested materials and how your suggestions may have impacted the game.

Speaking of playtests, anyone planning on Strategicon, May 28-30 in Los Angeles; the North Texas RPG Convention, June 2-5 in Dallas; or just swinging past Dicehead Games & Comics in Cleveland, TN on June 17th should take the time to try out the upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.

Dragon Age fans don't have to wait for the next entry of the franchise from BioWare, because Green Ronin is finally releasing the second portion of their three part Dragon Age RPG, covering character levels 6-10, you can pre-order the print version or buy the PDF immediately. Check it out here.

The Gary Gygax Memorial Fund made two big steps forward recently. It achieved tax exempt status in the United States. The Lake Geneva City council also approved their desired location and granted the Fund land in Donian Park for the construction of a memorial to the late game designer. Read more about the project in this post.

Lastly, and probably the biggest splash is the merger of Adamant Entertainment, makers of PDF modules for a number of different systems, to Empty Room, creators of stock art and maps for gaming and graphic novels. This comes on the heels of Adamant's abandonment of their app-style pricing experiment, which proved to be financially infeasible. Fans can probably look forward to better art in modules and maybe a few of Adamant's writers crossing over to graphic novels. Get all the details over here.

Post-script: There is a D&D perfume available now. I have nothing to say about this. This defies all discussion. Have a look.

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