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2011 Origins Awards Nominees Announced

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design have announced the nominees for the 37th Annual Origins Awards. The nominees in the categories of interest to the site are as follows:

Best game accessory

  • Color Primer: Dragon Red The Army Painter
  • Adventurers Tiles Battle Bunker Games
  • Battlefield XP Swamp Tufts The Army Painter
  • C'thulhu Dice Bag Steve Jackson Games
  • BattleTech Hex Pack: Lakes & Rivers Catalyst Game Labs

Best game-related publication

  • No Quarter Magazine Privateer Press
  • Hamlets Hit Points Robin D Laws
  • Family Games: The 100 Best James Lowder, Editor
  • Shadowrun: Spells and Chrome John Helfers, Editor
  • World at War: Revelation Mark H. Walker

Best Roleplaying Supplement

  • A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (A Song of Ice and Fire RPG) Green Ronin Publishing
  • The Dresden Files: Our World (The Dresden Files RPG) Evil Hat Productions
  • Advanced Player's Guide (Pathfinder RPG) Paizo Publishing
  • Sixth World Almanac (Shadowrun RPG)- Catalyst Game Labs
  • Sunward: The Inner System (Eclipse Phase RPG) Posthuman Studios

Best roleplaying game

  • DC Adventures Green Ronin Publishing
  • Dragon Age, Set 1 Green Ronin Publishing
  • The Dresden Files RPG Evil Hat Productions
  • Fiasco Bully Pulpit Games
  • Gamma World RPG Wizards of the Coast

The nominees are taken from a poll of retailers at the GAMA World Trade show in March, then narrowed down to the list you see above by the Academy. The winner will chosen by the votes of all attendees of the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio from June 22nd-June 24th with statues being awarded the evening of the 25th. We at RPGamer extend our best wishes and congratulations to all nominees.

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