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Convention Releases from Mongoose

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Convention season is the busiest time for tabletop games publishers, lots of PR and community events going on nearly every weekend. There's really no better time to try and sell a few books, and here's what Mongoose has to offer.

In June gamers can expect Flashbacks: Redux Redux, a collection of classic Paranoia missions will be released in a 256 page hardback and retail for $39.99 US. Also for June is Spinward Encounters, a collection of adventures and adventure seeds for Traveller all wrapped up in a 256 page hardback retailing at $39.99 US.

In July things pick up with The Great Outdoors, a 32 page softcover Paranoia sourcebook for $12.99 US. For Traveller you'll be able to find The Deneb Sector, The Vehicle Handbook, and Sword Worlds, all 128 page softcover sourcebooks for $24.99 US. Earthdawn fans can pick up the Burning Desires adventure supplement (112 pages, $24.99 US). And last but not least, and certainly exciting if you wanted to see Mongoose go back to its d20 roots, is Van Graaf's Journal of Dragons, a 256 page hardbound Pathfinder-compatible sourcebook for $39.99 US.

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