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Cubicle 7 Plans for the Remainder of 2011

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Cubicle Seven publishing has announced their plans for the rest of the year, and there's a lot. They have plans for 100 new products across all their current lines such as Qin, Victoriana, C'thulu Britannica, and Star Blazer Adventures. Additionally, they have announced four new lines of licensed games.

First off, we have a property based on the ITV sci fi series Primeval, in which scientists beat up dinosaurs and time traveling miscreants. Next is Airship Pirates, based on the music of Abney Park, which promises to have much steampunk fun and adventure. Thirdly, we have a new edition of their Doctor Who RPG, with revised rules and even more focus on the newest iteration of the Doctor. And last, certainly not least as this is the heaviest hitting property, The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild, based on Tolkien's beloved setting made in co-production with Sophisticated Games.

Primeval and Doctor Who will launch in spring or early summer, while The One Ring and Airship Pirates will debut in the summer.


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