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News Round-up for Febuary 12th

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

I've been stuck under a rock the past little while, cutting audio, combating undead hordes, other real life pastimes and occupations. During that time a few small items of news have reared their heads, so I thought I'd roll back the clock to the middle of last year and give bite-sized versions of all those stories all at once rather than piece by piece over a few days.

The game labs of Catalyst have announced new products for the second quarter of this year. For Shadowrun we have two new sourcebooks, the first is Conspiracy Theories, which delves into laughable crack-pot ideas that happen to be true in the setting. Second, there is Corporate Intrigue, which promises plot ideas, adventure hooks, setting detail, and all the mechanics you need to run a corporate-themed campaign. From the world of giant robots and space feudalism that is Battletech we have Era Report: 3062, which should have all sort of fun juicy details on the early years following the end of the Clan invasion. For those that prefer their Clans mid-invasion can pick up Technical Readout: 3058 for all your needs on the tools and toys of that era of play.

For those of you have been needing Neo-Victorian post-apocalyptic horror in your games, then you have oddly specific needs. However, these needs will be met this summer with Atomic Overmind's new, revised edition of Unhallowed Metropolis, boasting streamlined rules and new art.

Alderac Entartainment announced the April release of Legend of the 5 Rings sourcebook: 4th edition Emerald Empire which will cover all aspects of Rokugani life from the celestial order to family living and everything inbetween. If you're worried that this just a 4th edtion update to the previous Emerald Empire, fear not for this, much like the Spider-man cartoon of the 1960's, contains 30% new material.

Paizo has gone a bit mad for goblins. They've announced that August's Pathfinder Companion will be entitled Goblins of Golarion, and will tie in with their Free RPG Day aventure, We Be Goblins wherein players will take on the role of the greatest 1st level heroes of the Licktoad goblin tribe on a quest to retrieve fireworks from a derelict ship. That module will serve as prequel to the upcoming Jade Regent adventure path.

Lastly, Rodney Thompson, former lead designer for Star Wars: Saga Edition and late of D&D Essentials, has been promoted to Tabletop Games Manager at Wizards of the Coast, and will assume responsibility for D&D card and board games.



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