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Green Ronin News-plosion

Scott "Fowl Sorcerous" Wachter

Green Ronin has been quite busy with announcements lately, allow me to summarize.

The 3rd edition of Mutants & Masterminds releases at the end of the month , and to gear up for it Green Ronin has released a series of Threat Reports about villains for the new Emerald City setting. Each one costs a dollar and can be found here, here and here. Gamers will be able to learn more about the heroes of the city in an upcoming pdf series called Heroes Journey: Emerald City Knights. Also upcoming: a GM's Guide and a GM screen with a quickie character builder, and an Emerald City sourcebook due for a GenCon release. Furthermore, M&M will have third party support from a number of licensees, find out how licensing will work on this website. Speaking of licensed products, the remaining M&M's DC comics sourcebooks will be released within the year, starting with Heroes & Villains Volume 1, due next month. As a side note, if you're not a fan of M&M but are a fan of Superhero gaming; Villains & Vigilantes will be releasing a 3rd edition of its ruleset, published by Monkey House Games.

Moving from capes & cowls to swords & sorcery, the second set of Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG will release shortly after Dragon Age 2. The sets have also been re-arranged so that Set 3 will cover levels 11-20, effectively canceling the fourth planned set, and have a release in late 2011. Also for DA will be a new collection of adventures called Deep Roads and a quick start guide for Free RPG Day.

In other dark fantasy-based news, expect a Chronicle Starter for Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying to be released at some point during the TV series' first season. The book will feature new, ready-made noble houses and an adventure related to those houses.

Finally, first party True 20 and Freeport products are effectively on hold for at least the first two quarters of the year.


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