Submission Guidelines  

   This page is designed to let you know what our expectations are for any and all material you might submit to us. Please try to follow these rules as best as you can to make both our jobs much easier. If you have questions or concerns regarding something listed here, check the FAQs. If you still have questions, by all means email us and let us know what's up.

Rules for all Reviews
  • The game being reviewed must be played to completion. Whether this involves solving the final puzzles, defeating the final boss, or whatnot, this rule supersedes all others and is non-negotiable.
  • Any review wherein the Points of View staff is aware that the source game was played through either emulated or copied means will be summarily rejected. Only reviews of legally played games will be accepted except where the distinction is unknown.
  • Please use only images located on RPGamer's server and always provide only the URLs. Don't download and attach them to the review email. This will only take up a particularly large amount of space in our inbox.
  • While length isn't really an issue, reviews that are either extremely short or long (less than 700 words or over 1750) are more likely to improperly cover all the points necessary, and hence are more likely to be rejected.
  • If the game being reviewed has multiple versions or is/has been released on multiple platforms, please make a note of which you played somewhere in the review or the email.
  • Self-edit before you send your review to us. Check for spelling and improper grammar as well as areas of the review that don't read properly. Most of your errors can be caught if you read your review out loud to yourself.
  • All files must be in a format acceptable by one of the Points of View staff. These formats include: .txt, .html, .zip, .rar, and .sit
  • When sending multiple files at once, please send them together in a .zip, .rar, or .sit.
  • Make absolutely sure that the title of your email to us contains the name of the game and the word 'review' (minus the quotes). We get a large amount of email and having it auto-sorted will make your review less likely to be lost and get posted much more quickly.
Rules for Text Reviews
  • Fill in everything on the Text Template. If you have questions or are unfamiliar with something being asked, please email us to let us know your situation.
Rules for HTML Reviews
  • All HTML documents should be compressed into a .zip, .rar, or .sit archive before they are emailed.
  • Always use local references in your image links and if necessary use the 'directory up' trick (../) to do so. Over time the review is much less likely to break if you do.
  • Feel free to move the image code of the template around a bit to more suit your writing style, but please do not add or remove any kind of tags that don't relate directly to text.
  • Unless you are absolutely sure of your competence with HTML coding, do not attempt to use the HTML Template. There is a large amount of code that can easily be destroyed by accident if you're not sure what you're doing.

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