Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Can I write reviews for your site?
A: Yes, as long as you follow our submission guidelines we'll gladly accept and post your reviews here.

Q: I sent an email to you a while ago, but haven't received a response, what should I do?
A: We receive hundreds of spam emails each day so we have strong spam filters in place. If a message you send does not have the word 'Review' or 'Reviews' in the subject line, it will probably be lost. If more than two weeks have gone by without the review being posted or a written response, feel free to send it again.

Q: My review was rejected, does that mean you don't want it?
A: No, that just means that it isn't quite ready to post. We often get reviews that are quite good, but left out something vital. Even some of our best writers were rejected at first, so don't be discouraged. Generally we'll include a list of what was wrong and/or tips to improve along with your rejection letter. If you follow those, we'll be able to accept your review. Don't give up, the more practice you get, the better writer you'll be.

Q: I found a broken link/image/etc. in the reviews section, how should I report it?
A: Send us an email that includes the error(s) and where to find them.

Q: My contact information changed, what do I do?
A: Send us an email that includes your old and updated information.

Q: What is the interaction score?
A: The interaction score is a combination of localization and the game's interface.

Q: What's the difference between a Review and Retroview?
A: A review is written about a game that was released less than two years ago at the time of the writing. A retroview is written about an older game.

Q: The scoring system changed again? Can you explain it?
A: This change was made in order to give reviewers more flexibility, to make the score more informative to readers, and a few other reasons. The 5 basic scores remain unchanged, but four half points (1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5) have been added. Note that this change only applies to the overall score, not the subscores. This page has a more detailed explanation of the new system and conversion to and from the older systems. I hope that clears up the changes for you. If not, feel free to drop us a line!

Q: Can I submit if I don't know HTML?
A: Yes. This question comes up so often, in fact, that we went ahead and wrote a Text Template for those people who don't know HTML.

Q: Why do you accept only the types of files you list in the Submission Guide?
A: Because anyone updating Points of View has access to a program that can manipulate those types of files. Other kinds, such as .bmp are extremely large in size and aren't always easily converted to a usable form.

Q: Are there any games I can't review?
A: There are several restrictions on what you can review. You have to have completed the game. You have to have played a legal copy (e.g. not copied or emulated) of it. And it has to be a game covered by RPGamer.

Q: What is the worst mistake I can make in submitting a review?
A: You can copy and use the source of another review and not use the templates you can find on any Points of View update. This is easily the worst thing you can do. Although it is relatively easily repaired, don't do it, or the RPGamer cactus will have to leave thorns in your bed.

Q: Does each scored attribute of a game have to have its own paragraph, as the template seems to imply?
A: Heavens no! In fact, if you want to group things like difficulty and replay together to get your review to flow better, more power to you. Basically, make the review flow well when read, and write it in whatever order and fashion you think necessary.

Q: Is the overall score supposed to be an average of the review breakdown scores?
A: Absolutely not. Although they are a good starting point, many things aren't even taken into account in the review template (e.g. fun factor, etc.) that should also influence the final score.

Q: Does the review department ever sponsor any contests?
A: Yes, we have had contests with various prizes in the past. We also have the occasional mini-contest or challenge, the details of which are listed on this page. If you have a question about previous contests, they can be reached either here or here.

Q: Do you get paid to work at RPGamer?
A: That depends on how you define 'paid'. We have some access to review copies of games and are privy to a lot of things most people don't find out about for a long time. The job carries with it a fair portion of respect and a bit of gloating authority, but if you're specifically referring to monetary gain, not at this time, no. In the past it has been known to happen, and who knows what the future will bring?

Q: How can I get hired into the review department at RPGamer?
A: Well... There are really two ways it can happen. You can be a reader reviewer with a lot of productivity under their belt or you can fill out an open application should we ever post one. For reference, the first method is the most common way this particular section hires.

Q: The reviewer color coding system has changed again! Can you explain what's going on?
A: Essentially, a problem had been nipping at the back of our minds for awhile as to how chaotic our system of writer recognition by color was. Previously, the system was as such:

  • Black: 1 to 4 reviews
  • Bronze: 5 to 9 reviews
  • Silver: 10 to 14 reviews
  • Gold: 15 to 29 reviews
  • Red: 30 to 49 reviews
  • Blue: 50 to 74 reviews
  • Purple: 75+ reviews
Now, we have adopted a RPG flavored coloring scheme that is less confusing and makes each consecutive color harder to achieve by five reviews:
  • Novice: 1 to 4 reviews
  • Copper: 5 to 14 reviews
  • Mythril: 15 to 29 reviews
  • Gold: 30 to 49 reviews
  • Platinum: 50+ reviews

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