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Issue #65 Party Time July 4, 2006

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Surprise! The column is back to Tuesdays! I'd like to keep it here this time. I wanted to have a column last Tuesday, but I really didn't have enough news to do one then, having done a column the previous Thursday.

I haven't been playing many MMOs as of late. I did start a new WoW character (on a friend's account), but WoW isn't really that appealing to me at the moment. I recently found out that our old guild master sold everything from our old guild's bank and split the money from it among active players. Except for me, that is. Thanks, Tchalla of Suramar!

One of my friends has suggested that we all switch to a new server when the expansion comes out. Thing is, I hate my only level 60 character (lvl 60 Druid), and I'm not playing my next lowest (lvl 41 Warlock). Good thing the expansion doesn't come out any time soon.

Enough emo for now; I'd like to introduce you to GU Comics. It is a webcomic that parodies MMOs, and more recently, gaming in general. The comic is popular enough that Horizons, often showing up in GU Comics's Zapper comics, added an NPC parody of its author (Woody Hearn) to their game (Hoody Wearns).

Alas, I couldn't get Woody to change my nick to Powerlord there, so I post comments as DrSinz, a temporary nickname I used between July and October last year.

 Warhammer Online Contest (you probably missed it)

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning This contest is almost over, but in case some of you can finish it by tomorrow...

Mythic has announced a screenshot contest for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The grand prize is a pair of beta accounts. The goal of the contest is to find links to all the screenshots that were posted on the 28th for the contest. There's one slight problem... this contest ends at noon EDT tomorrow. That's 9AM PDT and 4PM UTC.

More contest rules can be found on the Warhammer Herald site.

If you hadn't guessed, RPGamer is not one of the sites that got screenshots. If we had, another member of the New Updates department would have posted them and a news post about the contest on Thursday, the day the contest started.

Now, I do have a complaint to address to Mythic. Please, choose one site on which to post news. Do not play "eenie-meenie-minie-moe" between the official site and Warhammer Herald.

 Revitalizing the Galactic Civil War

Star Wars Galaxies This week, Sony Online Entertainment introduced a new world event to Star Wars Galaxies.

The Empire has created a new device dubbed the "Star Core." The Star Core is a small, hand held-size energy source capable of powering the Death Star. Naturally, the Empire wants to protect the Star Core, while the Alliance to Restore the Republic (AKA Rebel Alliance) wants to destroy it.

Both factions are building bases near the city of Restuss, Rori. Field operatives are stationed in Coronet (Corellia), Theed (Naboo), and Mos Eisley (Tatooine) to keep you posted on how your side is doing.

 NCSoft Austin Fires 70

NCSoft NCSoft, makers of MMOs such as Guild Wars and Lineage, has fired 70 people from their Austin, TX, USA offices. Prior to these layoffs, NCSoft Austin employed approximately 300 people.

This comes as a shock to many, as this was only a few days after NCSoft's press release regarding Guild Wars that was mentioned in my last column.

 Vanguard Box Art Revealed

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the Box Art for Sigil's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Presumably the RP logo will be replaced by the final ESRB Rating before the game reaches stores.

 Shadowbane announces new patches

Shadowbane Stray Bullet Games has released some details about upcoming Shadowbane patches. These patches will address the usual bugs and class balancing as well as more specific issues.

The first patch will address Rogue and Mage class balancing, as well as Bane Circle hit points. Future patches will address PvP, pet improvements, vampires, and other things yet to be announced.

 RF Online Giga Final Part 1

RF Online Rising Force Online had its first major content patch at the end of last month. If you couldn't guess from the article title, the patch is named "RF Online Giga Final Part 1."

The patch is a large one, so I won't go through the details. To be honest, I don't know enough about the game to sift out which changes are important.

 EQ2 re-launches Station Players

EverQuest II Not to be outmatched by Final Fantasy XI's Linkshell Community, Sony Online Entertainment has re-launched its EverQuest II Station Players site.

Changes include more complete information about characters, including how they stand in player rankings. Future improvements will include spell lists and items currently up for auction.

SOE is rolling out these changes in phases. Phase one should be finished in late July, with further phases following in August/September.

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That's all the time I have for this week.

I have a confession to make. I may not be on the RPGamer staff much longer, at least not in the New Updates. A previously unforeseen opportunity looks to be opening up, and if it does, I plan to take it.

Only one person sent me a logo... another staff member, no less. I guess I know which one I'll use then! Thanks Mac!

As a side note, if you sent one to me and I didn't get it... it probably got lost in spam. Here are some tips to make sure I receive your email.

  1. Avoid short subjects in your email.
  2. Avoid Re: in the subject
  3. Add MMORPG, MMORPGamer, or [MMORPGamer] to the subject.

RPGamer's spam filters are on the weak side so we don't lose things like press releases. Therefore, I do a lot of manual filtering. Catching my eye by using [MMORPGamer] in the subject increases the chance that I'll read it. The link below does that automatically for you.

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