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Issue #38 I Hate Your Band June 25, 2005

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It comforts me to know that if I ever got into a fight with Manu Ginobli of the San Antonio Spurs, I would totally kick the snot out of him. I swear, every time he drives to the hoop, he falls down and/or goes flying out of bounds, whether he's fouled or not. After I Tivo'd and taped game 5 of the finals, I watched a few replays over and over again of him taking the ball, going in for a shot, and as soon as the ball leaves his hands, the guy just collapses. No one has to be within four feet of him. He could play against a team of 10-year-olds and I'll bet you he ends up hitting the floor no less than 20 times in the game. What a sissy.

Any time you're ready, Manu....

Also, his magic power is higher than mine because I find it miraculous he hasn't been tossed out of a game for taking so many dives. Even Hollywood's finest actors couldn't make that happen without a bit of magic.

 SOE: "Buy 'em out, boys!"

Monolith has sold ownership of The Matrix Online to MMO powerhouse Sony Online Entertainment. The Seattle Times says that 40% of Monolith employees will now be without jobs. Luckily for them, SOE has offered 25 or 26 of them to keep their positions and simply work for SOE now.

On that same topic, Gamespot's conversation with SOE President John Smedly revealed that The Matrix Online would join EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest II, and the rest of the Station Access games. For those who don't know, Station Access allows players to have active accounts in all SOE titles for the price of $21.99 per month.

Sources: Seattle Times | Gamespot

 Horizons Actually Updates


Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. June 14 saw a big update to the once-glorious Horizons. The big deals about the update are new conditions for gaining experience and players needed to pass certain points in the storyline before being able to using storage space in special parts of the land.

Big changes have been made to the monster attacking as well. For one thing, monsters will not aggro players who are twice the monsters rating (I don't know if that means level or what) and when in battle, the system monsters use to select a preferred target has changed. A bug allowing monsters to attack twice their ranking was also addressed; I don't play this game, but I'm guessing that's a pretty overdue fix. Read the full list of changes here.

 Dude I Totally Met Once Talks About DAoC

Mythic Entertainment's Walter Yarbrough, who I totally met at the Toronto stop of Dark Age of Camelot's Roundtable Road Trip, recently talked to IGN about DAoC's next expansion. Mythic apparently looks to make Darkness Rising something to remember. Below are two sample questions form the interview.

IGN: Will the content in Darkness Rising be appropriate for all levels of characters, and what if anything are you adding related to the Realm vs. Realm aspect?
Walter Yarbrough: Shrouded Isles presented content for all level ranges in the game, and Trials of Atlantis was a high-level expansion. For Catacombs, we went back to an expansion for the lower levels, so with Darkness Rising, we will again be focusing on the high-level game.
The systems in Darkness Rising will allow players to expand their high-end characters with new sub-classing abilities and new Champion weapons. While we won't be directly changing our RvR areas with an expansion, these new abilities and weapons will have an effect on the RvR game.

IGN: What are your main goals for Darkness Rising? What significant new features are adding, and how will they benefit the players?
Walter Yarbrough: Darkness Rising will introduce several new systems that will add to the player's ability to customize and tweak their characters. First and foremost, with the introduction of player mounts, our players will finally be able to charge into battle. By earning a class-specific champion weapon, our players will be able to increase their combat power, and visually showcase their achievements to everyone around them. And finally, by earning Champion Levels, our players will be able to earn sub-classing abilities that will enable them to add some custom abilities to their arsenal.

The full interview can be read here.

 Short Stories

Anarchy Online turns four on June 27. To celebrate a PvP tournament called the "Rubi-Ka Rumble" will take place and feature huge prizes for those who come out on top. Said prizes include swag from ATI, Alienware, Logitech, and more. Keep your eye on Anarchy for the details.


The Lord of the Rings Online website now features a weekly Q&A session called "Thursday Insider." The first edition can be read at that previous link.


Remember Bucket Mouse, my lovely Fairy Land correspondent? Well she's apparently playing Maple Story too. Fortunately for me, she's reporting, too. She tells me that the game's beta is now finished, and that the official site just announced the opening of new servers. In her own words, "There’s a 2x drop fest going on in the Bera server. I just wish it was 2x the EXP, too...." Good to have you back, Bucket Mouse.

 This Guy Rules

See this guy. See this guy mack. Mack, guy, mack!

 Media Place

Peter Johansson sent in a pair of World of Warcraft screens, saying, "both are from Stormwind with a picture of Onyxias Head. The strongest boss in the game :D"

Send me your screens!

  Readers Speak

No one sent any letters about bad experiences in parties. This makes Heath a sad panda.


are ultima online and eq in some kind of contest to see who can expand the most before they both die?


More like a contest (against themselves) to see how happy they can keep their addicted and still very large player bases.

Quick 2

Hey Heath,

I just thought I'd let you and the audience know that RYL is boring and ****ty. Thank you.



Guess I didn't miss anything by not playing very much of it. I guess that's one of those times I'm glad I was way too busy. ^_^

Though from what I've seen, it's getting an equal number of good reviews as bad reviews, so maybe I'll have to drag myself back in and find out for real....

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Don't get me wrong; I'm not a Pistons fan, and I don't hate San Antonio. I just hate Manu Ginobli for all the right reasons. What a tool.

My name is Heath Hindman, and I ain't even talking about a game. I'm talking about...practice.

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