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After a week's hiatus, we're back with another action packed episode of Japandemonium. I suppose I should say 'RPG packed' since this column is really about RPGs, and not action games. I digress. The weekend with Castomel was shortened due to illness, but it was still grand. More about that down below. On to the news!

This week's chart shows that Dragon Quest V has finally been tossed out of top sales spot, but only one spot; down to second. You'll notice very quickly that only two games are in the Top 10 this week. Sucks.

Position Title Publisher Platform This Week Total
2 Dragon Quest V 60,300 1,518,500
6 Pokémon Fire Red / Leaf Green 14,800 1,061,700

Those loons at Square Enix have relayed information that the April 30th edition of Famitsu will contain new details on their upcoming game, Front Mission Online. Once the magazine is published and sent out, we'll be sure to let you know what the fantastic new details are.

Namco is hoping to sell 100,000 units of its Xenosaga Fan Disc, Xenosaga Freaks. The disc is being released in Japan today, but anybody that wants this great bonus is sure to have already pre-ordered a copy. Right? Yes, that's what I thought. No, I did not pre-order.

Ertain has shaken their pot of screenshots and a number of new screens have surfaced for their new GBA real-time TRPG Monster Summoner. In the game you play as a junior monster summoner who, surprisingly, can summon monsters into battle. Monsters in the game fight in troops, and you can have up to 8 monsters in a troop.

psopc1.jpg monster2.jpg monster3.jpg
monster4.jpg monster5.jpg monster6.jpg
monster7.jpg monster8.jpg monster9.jpg

Konami's let it out of the bag. The light-sensitive game, Zoku: Bokura no Taiyou (the sequel to Boktai) will be released in Japan on July 22nd. All creatures of darkness should mark this date down on their calendars, just in case.

Final Fantasy XI has surpassed Square Enix's target user base of 500,000 registered users across both the PS2 and PC versions of the game. Combining all servers, the game now contains over 2.5 million characters. The charges for extra characters (150 yen extra for each character) adds to Square Enix's earnings for the game. This, along with the incredible success of the Dragon Quest V remake for PS2, releasing Final Fantasy X-2 in both North American and Europe, and the Fullmetal Alchemist manga in Japan have allowed them to change their fiscal earnings estimates ending March 2004. Sales forecasts have increased from 56 billion yen to 63 billion. Total profits has also been increased 4 billion to 18 billion yen.

Takashi Tokita, one of Square Enix's producers, has mentioned that they are planning a new Final Fantasy title for the Game Boy Advance. The new title will be a new title, not a remake.

Konami has released new details concerning the battle system in Genso Suikoden IV. The game again revolves around the Runes, however multiple characters can use their Runes simultaneously, multiplying their effect. The game is on track for an August 19th release in Japan. A Limited Edition of the game will also be on sale.

Last, but not least, Koei has announced an expansion for their PC and PS2 MMORPG Nobunaga's Ambition Online. The new disc will be available in Japan this fall.

Crash and burn. Castomel got sick while I was in Toronto, so I had to head home early...since he also had to go back to his real home. It was pretty crappy. However, I did get all my new computer parts, which is one of many reasons there wasn't an update last week. My video card and my motherboard....had....issues. But they are playing well together again, so everything is great.

Yesterday, I watched both Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Hellboy. Both were quite good. I'm impressed I watched two movies in one day that I enjoyed. That never happens.

~It's the end, yar~

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