E3 Coverage
 E3 Coverage -  

Monday, June 1, 1998
-> 11:58 PM:  E3 Recap
     RPGamer reminisces about and ranks the games they saw at this year's E3.
-> 11:58 PM:  Square's E3 Conference
     Fulltext of Square's E3 conference.
-> 11:58 PM:  Azure Dreams
     Monster Rancher meets Tamagotchi meets Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon meets traditional RPG. How does the result look?
-> 11:58 PM:  Hybrid Heaven
     Shown only on video, Hybrid Heaven still impressed.
-> 11:58 PM:  Elemental Gearbolt
     Not an RPG, but the most beautiful light gun game ever.
-> 11:58 PM:  Magic Knight Rayearth
     It's still coming ... and it'll be worth the wait.
-> 11:58 PM:  Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
     Will the Lunar series finally receive the widespread accolades fans feel it deserves?

Saturday, May 30, 1998
-> 11:58 PM:  Saturday Update
     Konami, Working Designs, and more to come!

Friday, May 29, 1998
-> 11:58 PM:  Tales of Destiny
     A rather ordinary RPG with excellent production values.
-> 11:56 PM:  The Granstream Saga
     THQ aims to appease eager Playstation action RPG fans.
-> 11:54 PM:  Quest 64
     THQ offers a simple yet enjoyable RPG for the Nintendo 64.
-> 11:50 PM:  More Panzer Dragoon Saga
     Sega prints more copies of their astoundingly good RPG.
-> 11:46 PM:  Brave Fencer Musashiden Name Change
     In a move designed to confound U.S. gamers, Square has changed the name of their forthcomingaction RPG.
-> 11:42 PM:  Shining Force III
     Roll over, Grandia. Sega's 3D RPG astounds and excites players.
-> 11:40 PM:  Earthbound 64
     The three seconds of footage were even better the second time around.
-> 11:37 PM:  Pokemon
     A TV show, music CD, collectible card game, stuffed animals, keychains, model kits, and oh yeah ... agame, too.
-> 11:30 PM:  Zelda 64
     It rocks. A lot.
-> 8:45 PM:  Hybrid Heaven
     Konami's action RPG only shown on video.
-> 8:40 PM:  Legacy of Kain II: Soul Reaver
     An RPG? Maybe. An amazing game? YES!
-> 8:36 PM:  Final Fantasy VII PC
     Final Fantasy VII. On the PC. Tah dah!
-> 8:33 PM:  Master of Monsters
     ASCII's Playstation port of a Genesis classic.
-> 8:30 PM:  Anachronox
     ION Storm's upcoming RPG wasn't shown on the floor. But RPGamer saw it anyways - and spokewith the producer, lead artist, and lead programmer.
-> 8:27 PM:  Grandia for PSX?
-> 8:25 PM:  ASCII's RPG Maker To Reach U.S.?
     Company may cancel cancellation.

Thursday, May 28, 1998
-> 11:40 PM:  Kartia
     Atlus seeks to dominate the strategy market.
-> 11:35 PM:  Shadow Madness
     Will Crave find success with the first ever U.S. produced Japanese-style RPG?
-> 11:30 PM:  Brigandine
     Atlus shows the first polygonal strategy RPG.
-> 4:30 PM:  Square Announces Release Dates
     Most games this fall; Final Fantasy VIII Fall / Winter 1999
-> 4:30 PM:  Brave Fencer Musashiden
     Jump, hack, and slash your way to glory.
-> 4:30 PM:  Parasite Eve
     Square's "cinematic RPG" is absolutely gorgeous.
-> 4:30 PM:  Xenogears
     New artwork and screen shots of Square's most anticipated RPG of 1998.
-> 3:10 PM:  Final Fantasy VIII
     Square's upcoming masterpiece looks hotter than ever.