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More Confidants Join Persona 5


Persona 5

A new trio of trailers for Persona 5 has been released by Atlus USA, focusing on three more confidants for the Phantom Thieves. These confidants are the Phantom Thieves allies, who offer a variety of services to the group.

The first of the these confidants is Hifumi Togo. As a Grandmaster of Shogi, spending time with Hifumi is central to developing combat abilities, such as switching party members mid-battle and fleeing from ambushes. The next, Sadayo Kawakami, serves as the protagonist's homeroom teacher. However, she also moonlights as a maid. When the Thieves find out, she makes a deal with them: In exchange for keeping her secret, she will allow them to slack off during class. Slacking off during class will offer more time for other pursuits, like reading or sleeping. Finally, Toranosuke Yoshida is an honest public servant that the protagonist can call upon in order to sharpen his speaking skills. By doing so, he will unlock further negotiation options in battle.

Persona 5 was recently delayed to April 4, 2017, in both North America and Europe. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.




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