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More Blue Reflection Details Emerge


Blue Reflection

Gust has revealed some new information regarding the combat and friendship systems for Blue Reflection, the third game in its Beautiful Girls Festival. Along with this information came with some additional insight into two more of the game's characters.

The combat in Blue Reflection is turn-based, with the exact order indicated by a turn order bar across the top of the combat screen. Multiple actions, such as Attack and Support, will be available for each character, known as Reflectors, to take. If certain prerequisites are met, each of the party members will be able to combine their powers for a cooperative technique. Another technique will be available only when fighting Pure Breeds, monstrous beings that only appear in the real world. School classmates can assist during fights against these Pure Breeds, with each playable Reflector able to equip up to four allies before the battle begins. All classmates offer passive buffs which will need to be effectively utilized, along with the Reflector's abilities, to successfully survive combat.

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To convince classmates to help in battle, they must first become friends. When not dealing with her Reflector duties, protagonist Hinako spends her school days spending time with others. By developing relationships with the other classmates, new story developments may unfold and characters can also be convinced to aid in battles against Pure Breeds.

Gust also went into more specifics on two of these characters. Sanae Nishida has been a classmate of Hinako's since middle school and cares for her even into high school. She is diligent and kind-hearted, her kindess only matched by her love of cooking. Sarasa Morikawa is another person that has been a part of Hinako's life since middle school, but in a more tense manner. Morikawa is a talented ballet dancer who rivaled Hinako until the latter's foot injury. With Hinako out of the picture, Morikawa became the premier dancer for her age. Her hard attitude towards Hinako aside, she is rather popular.

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Blue Reflection is set to release in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 30, 2017. There is no word yet on a western release.

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