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Persona 5 Confides New Trailers


Persona 5

Atlus USA released a new batch of English trailers for its upcoming release of Persona 5. The first of the four videos, viewable below, is a story trailer for the game while the others introduce three of the confidants that assist the Phantom Thieves in their endeavours.

The first confidant is Tae Takemi, who runs a back-alley clinic and offers medical treatment to the Phantom Thieves. In return, they allow her to conduct experiments that can unlock more powerful potions and other consumables. The second confidant is airsoft gun shop proprietor Munehisa Iawi. He supplies weapons to the Phantom Thieves and buy helping him out players can unlock more weapons and customisation options. Finally, Sojiro Sakura runs Café Leblanc, the attic of which the protagonist lives in. If players help him run the café, Sojiro will teach the protagonist new curry and coffee recipes, which restore SP in dungeons.

Persona 5 is set for release in North America and Europe on April 4, 2017. The game will available physically and digitally for PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4.

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