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God Wars Weaves a Story Trailer


God Wars: Future Past

Kadokawa Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming title God Wars: Future Past, which introduces many of the game's characters and sets the stage for the game. Additionally, the game's website has been updated to show some new details of the characters.

God Wars concerns Kaguya, a girl imprisoned to sacrificed at the base of mount Fuji by her mother Tsukuyomi. Rather than wait for the predetermined moment, Kaguya enlists the help of Kintaro, a local boy of inhuman strength, to help search for her mother and discover why her mother sent her to die. Along the way she will meet the divine and human members of the Izumo and Hyuga nations. God Wars is played out in turn-based, tactical RPG missions and features an Impurity system. Impurity is raised by attacking enemies and healing allies. The higher a character's Impurity the more likely to be attacked by monsters he or she becomes.

Japanese players will be able to play the game as it arrives on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 23, 2017. A North American and European version is planned at some point later in 2017.


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