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Gust Reveals More About Blue Reflection


Blue Reflection

Gust recently provided more details, as well as the first official trailer, for its newest RPG, Blue Reflection. In addition to revealing what appears to be the game's primary threat, the developer also introduced two more characters and gave more information more about the general flow of the game.

After spending some time acting as a Reflector, solving her classmates' problems through her actions in a parallel world, a gigantic creature called Pure Breed suddenly appears in the real world and begins to attack humans. Hinako and the other Reflectors fail to surpass its overwhelming power so they need to come up with a way to become strong enough to defeat it, potentially while finding out more about Pure Breed's origins and goal. Players can strengthen the Reflectors by equipping them with Fragments, the crystallised form of emotions found in the other world. These have various effects, such as increasing attack and defence power.

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Though Hinako fights as a Reflector, she also needs to continue her daily life as a high school student. The regular cycle of waking up in the morning until going to sleep at night remains similar for most days. Hinako may meet friends on her way to school or trigger events during class or the lunch break. Hinako's responses during these events can alter the closeness of her relationships with the relevant characters. After school, players have free reign to move about. Options include spending time with classmates, creating items, and venturing into the other world. Hinako also has access to a smartphone app that lets her chat to her friends and play mini-games. After the after-school tasks are finished Hinako returns home, goes to sleep and the next day begins.

Two of Hinako's classmates were featured in the information update. The first is Chihiro Inoue. Chihiro is a kind-hearted girl who has a propensity for doing strange things, although these sometime cause trouble, she does them primarily out of consideration for others. The other character is Yuri Saiki. Yuri has an incredibly high IQ, though tries to stand out and most only recognise her as being somewhat bright. Although intelligent, she isn't good at expressing or reading emotions.

Blue Reflection is due to be release in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 30, 2017. No announcement has been made regarding a western release at this time.

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