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Gust Shows More of Blue Reflection


Blue Reflection

Gust recently revealed more images and details for its newest IP, Blue Reflection. As detailed previously, the game's main protagonist is Hinako Shinai, an aspiring ballet dancer forced to give up her dreams due to an injury. However, she meets siblings Yuzuki and Raimu Shijou who give her the chance to recover by fighting as a Reflector, essentially a magical girl

The game is divided between Hinako's time at school with various classmates and a parallel world were Hiroko and her allies fight as Reflectors. Players will be able to have Hinako interact and make friends with other characters at school, which can trigger special events at school and on days off. One of these classmates that was details is Shihori Sugamoto. She likes pretty things and often gives advice on cosmetics, and is very popular with the male students.

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During her time at school, Hinako will learn about her classmates' problems. These problems cannot be resolved in the real world and require Hinako to venture into a parallel world created by the collective human unconsciousness to seek out the crystallised forms of emotions that are causing them. The world features various enemies and threats, so only Reflectors can venture into it. Hinako fights using a sword, while Yuzuki uses a baton and Raimu uses a large stuffed toy. By obtaining the crystal fragments, the Reflectors cause change in the physical world.

Blue Reflection is currently being developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game does not currently have a release date for Japan, nor is there any news regarding a western release at this stage.

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