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Aldorlea Releases The King's Heroes



Independent developer and publisher Aldorlea Games released its latest title, The King's Heroes, on its official website this week. The game is priced at $19.99, with a free demo available for those that wish to try it out first. There is also a 150-page digital strategy guide available for $6.99.

The King's Heroes sees players attempting to find the wereabouts of Princess Darlene, who has mysteriously vanished in an incident that left the witness with no memory of what occured. Players can choose from eight characters, a number of which have up to four potential classes to select from, to make up their Princess-searching party.

The game is said to feature thirty to forty hours worth of gameplay and six distinct difficulty modes. In addition to standard Easy, Normal, and Hard Modes, there is a Story Mode where monsters have very little HP and are almost trivial to defeat, a Maniac Mode that gives monsters much more HP than usual, and finally an Attack Mode where monsters do not respawn after being defeated but inns restore only a limited amount of HP and MP.

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