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Stories Gets a New Title and Trailer


Stories: The Paths of Destiny

Revealed to be coming to PlayStation 4 back in August, Spearhead Studios has come out with more information, including an updated title, regarding their upcoming RPG Stories: The Paths of Destiny (Previously known as Stories: The Hidden Paths). Stories follows Reynardo the Fox, an ex-pirate and practictioner of Sword Fu, as he attempts to influence the events leading up to a final battle between a mad emperor and the rebellion opposing him.

Combat is of the action variety, with Renardo quickly dispatching enemies with a variety of swords. Gems can be equipped to swords to alter Reynardo's, which can be found by exploring the game's world of Boreas. Materials to craft unique swords can also be found this way.

Stories does not currently have a set release date, but Spearhead is planning to bring the game out next year. As of now the game has only been announced for PlayStation 4.

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