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Temple of Yog Comes to Wii U


Temple of Yog

Developer Chudchud Industries revealed that its dual-screen dungeon-crawler, Temple of Yog, will be coming to Nintendo Wii U in North America next month on December 16, 2015. The game will also be released in Europe shortly after on January 7, 2016.

Temple of Yog has been split into four content releases, referred to as "Epochs" with particular realms in the game labelled as "Ages". The content updates will be provided free of charge to those who own the game, however, its base cost will increase with each update to encourage early adopters. The pricing structure is as follows (note that the price refers to the complete game at that point, including previous Epochs):

  • The First Epoch: $5.99 USD (December 16, 2015 in North America / January 7, 2016 in Europe). Contains Age of the Wilderness.

  • The Second Epoch: $6.99 USD (Spring 2016). Contains Age of the Plow, Age of the Fist, and PvP online multiplayer.

  • The Third Epoch: $7.99 USD (Date TBC). Contains Age of the Atom and Age of the Zealot.

  • The Final Epoch: $9.99 USD (Date TBC). Contains Age of Ascension.

The game features a developing village located near a temple. The village is required to send a sacrificial tribute into the temple where they venture through procedurally-generated dungeons to earn glory, which sees the village rewarded upon their death. There are two realms in the temple, Light and Shadow, with their own sections of dungeon and creatures. Tributes can switch between the realms, with the Light realm shown on the TV screen while the Shadow realm appears on the Wii U GamePad.

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