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Ray Gigant Heads West


Ray Gigant

Publisher acttil announced that it will be bringing Experience and Bandai Namco's Ray Gigant to North America and Europe. The game will be released digitally only exclusively for PlayStation Vita in spring 2016. The western release will be compatible with the PlayStation TV and include Japanese voices with English subtitles.

Ray Gigant is set in a near future where Earth's cities have been destroyed by huge creatures called Gigants. Military retaliation has failed miserably, however, reports emerge of a boy named Ichiya Amakaze defeating a Gigant using a power called Yorigami. Unfortunately, following his victory, Ichiya loses control of his power and destroys the city he was protecting, waking up later in a safe location.

The game features three interconnecting storylines starting off in different locations and with their own group of characters. Its battle system features rhythm-based sections where correctly timed button presses can allow characters to unleash large amounts of damage.

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