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Xenoblade Chronicles X Delves into Skell Combat


Xenoblade Chronicles X

With under a month to go until Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo still has more to show off. In this case, an extended, nine-minute trailer outlining the game's operable mechs, the Skells, and their various functions, forms, and uses in combat.

Skells are available in and out of combat. Since their two main purposes are to travel quickly throughout the world and to fight large monsters, every Skell comes with a standard bipedal mode and a vehicle mode that can be switched to at the press of a button. Each can be customized with different one of three chassis, which effect what kind of weapons the Skell can equip. Fuel is required to operate Skells in and out of combat, which can be purchased at bases or refilled over time by exiting the Skell.

In combat, Skells operate in a similar fashion to normal characters, each with its own arts and auto-attacks. An Overdrive ability will become available, which activates unique powers on each Skell. Skells can be damaged beyond operation, though specific parts can be destroyed and Skell will continue to function, albeit in a less effective manner.

Xenoblade Chronicles X arrives exclusively for the Wii U on December 4, 2015 in North America and Europe.

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