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Kadokawa Brings God Wars Worldwide


God Wars: Beyond Time

Kadokawa Games held a media press briefing today in Japan, where it announced that God Wars: Beyond Time will be receiving a worldwide release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016. The game is a tactical RPG set in ancient Japan and was initially revealed last year under the name Project: Code Tsukuyomi. Some initial screenshots can be seen below along with a debut trailer at the bottom of this story.


God Wars is heavily based on feudal Japan and Shinto mythology.  The three nations shown in the presentation are Hyouga-no-Kuni, Fuji-no-Kuni, and Izumo-no-Kuni, all of which were rival regions in the early days of the empire. Each of the three nations is led by kings and a queen who are based on the main triumvirate of Shinto mythology. Hyouga is led by the sun goddess Amaterasu, Izumo is led by the storm god Susano'o, and Fuji is led by the moon god Tsukuyomi.

The game's main characters are the children of these leaders and shown below. Kaguya is the daughter of Tsukuyoki, Okuninushi is the son of Susano'o, and Momotaro is the son of Amaterasu. The fourth character shown is Kaguya's sister Sakuya, who was sacrificed by being thrown into the open mouth of a volcano to appease the wrath of the gods thirteen years ago.

Click here to view more art.

God Wars will be released sometime in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Kadokawa Games has another RPG currently in development under the name Project Fallen Angel, which is a collaborative effort with From Software and described as a "Cthulhu Mythos Dungeon RPG". The company is also planning to release Experience's Demon Gaze 2 in Japan in 2016.

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