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The Technomancer Initiates First Contact


The Technomancer

Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer for the upcoming Spiders-developed action RPG, The Technomancer. This new trailer, titled First Contact, focuses on the player character Zachariah and some of his options in and out of combat.

Zachariah has three stances that can be switched between. The warrior stance increases base damage but limits his access to skills, while the guardian stance focuses on defence while allowing Zachariah to charge his weapon with electrical energy. A third stance, rogue, is set to be shown at a later date. The video also mentions the various companions that can accompany Zachariah, as well as the game's skill trees and looting, crafting, and stealth systems.

The Technomancer shares the setting of a human-colonised Mars with one of Spiders' previous titles, Mars War Logs, although any direct connection between the two games is unclear. The game is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in North America and Europe in 2016.

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