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Summon Night 6 Offers Gameplay Details, Returning Characters


Summon Night 6

New media released for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders comes with new gameplay details and looks at a few returning characters from previous games in the series. The game's strategy battles will feature up to eight units on the player's side, with up to four additional able to be summoned leading to a maximum of twelve overall. Each character will be able to use different weapons based on their character type, with weapons, the terrain, and any height difference impacting attacks.

The three returning characters shown in the new media are Magna and Hasaha from Summon Night 2 and Aty from Summon Night 3. Magna fell into Summon Night 6's cocoon world from his home world on Lyndbaum. He travels with his kitsune guardian, Hasaha, and comes across the male protagonist Raj while searching for a friend from Lyndbaum that he was separated from. Aty is a red-haired swordswoman who Raj and his friends comes across. Like Magna, Aty has been transported into Summon Night 6's world form Lyndbaum and teams up with Raj to deal with a knight that summons soldiers.

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