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Final Fantasy XIV Servers to Reopen Tomorrow


Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix announced that they are reopening the Final Fantasy XIV servers tomorrow at 0:00 PST, but there are a few conditions. Login numbers will be measured at the end of each month, and if they drop below 30% the servers will be shut down. Only players with service accounts that have a listed end date of September 30, 2012 or later are eligible to log in.

The game content will be rolled back to Patch 1.23b released on September 13, but the following selected changes made from November 11 onwards will remain unaffected:

  • Increase in anima recovery rate
  • Reduction of all gear repair costs to 1 gil
  • Chance to obtain job-specific weapons on login for players who logged out in an inn room
  • Relaxed requirements for participating in “Bowl of Embers (Extreme),” and for undertaking the quests “To Kill a Raven” and “Living on a Prayer”
The final save was on November 1, therefore no progress from the reopening will be saved for the launch of A Realm Reborn.

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Final Fantasy XIV
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