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Dragon Age: Origins Pre-Release Blitz


Dragon Age Origins

Expectant Dragon Age: Origins fans now have several goodies to play with while they wait for the game's release. Visitors to the official Dragon Age site can download a character creator. Characters designed with the creator can be saved and imported into the final game.

BioWare has also opened up the BioWare Social Network for fans of all its games. Players who join the social network and upload a Dragon Age character from the character creator will receive an exclusive in-game item: a ring that adds +1 to all stats.

On top of that, BioWare and EA 2D, a flash development team within EA, will soon be releasing Dragon Age Journeys. Dragon Age Journeys will be a free Flash turn-based strategy game set in the Dragon Age: Origins world. Playing Dragon Age Journeys will unlock more in-game items for Dragon Age: Origins.

BioWare employees have confirmed that items earned from the BioWare Social Network or Dragon Age Journeys can be used in either the PC or Xbox 360 version of Dragon Age Origins.

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Dragon Age Origins
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